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families - Join us in Person

Meet up twice a year with other worldschooling families in person. Our Project World School Family Summits are designed as temporary community hubs where we gather in the spirit of community and co-create valuable learning experiences. 

The summits are designed as forum for all; from veteran worldschoolers to those who are just starting out as a place to add to our collective wisdom, share experiences, challenges and triumphs and support one another.

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Want to worldschool, but not sure where to start?

The Worldschooling lifestyle can be pretty lonely at times, especially out there on the road. I’ve experienced judgement and non-support from my extended family and when my son and I started out 12 years ago on our worldchooling  journey we felt alone. 

That is part of the reason I built this community, to help create normalcy for both the parents and the children, to share resources, support, tips and tricks and to create community. 

Our Worldschoolers Passport  provides the support you need to create a healthy family culture,  personalized learning plans and a growth mindset in support of your worldschoooling freedom.

we've broken down the worldschooling experience into these sections

Though we’re not huge fans of breaking life down into subjects,we’ve chosen to do so here for the sake of convenience. Looking for information on a specific topic or subject? Have a look below, and you just might find what you’re looking for!

Focused on the logistics and realities of travel, here you can find information on specific places, as well as all around travel pointers.

Everything to do with making an income and sustaining your family, from location independence to worldschooling careers.


Articles and pieces about the oldest human practice: Learning. Find articles on varying types of education here.


Pieces surrounding the ethics of worldschooling and travel. Sometimes these conversations are uncomfortable, but essential to our growth as world citizens.

Food provides us with an opportunity to connect with one another on a human level. Experience the world through your taste buds  here!

Themes surrounding health and wellness, time management and maintaining family balance on the road can be found here.


Articles concerning the importance of community can be found here, along with ideas to cultivate a greater sense of it in your life.


Under Mindset you can find thought provoking pieces surrounding our internal processes and worldviews.

What motives us?

A Few Words About why

We’ve been building community for Worldschoolers on other social media platforms for years, but have finally decided to create our very own space, by Worldschoolers, for Worldschoolers. 

It is with this vision in mind that we’ve created the We Are Worldschoolers Membership site, a communal space tailored to perfectly fit the unique needs of our fantastic, global community.

Do you want to live a life of adventure and show your children that anything is possible?

So do we, and we are. We want to support you to make this your reality too.

Features You'll love

calendar of Worldschooler events

A tool to help you find events important to worldschoolers. Search month by month, around the world, find  virtual and physical gathering  around the world!

resources you want

Well researched and composed lists of worldschooling related resources, such as schools, events, projects and much more!

valuable interviews

A consistent stream of valuable and interesting interviews with community members and field experts alike! Browse by topic by explore the hundreds of interviews and be inspired!


Articles and blog posts written by experts and worldschoolers alike, all curated and organized for your convenience!

Master classes & Mini Courses

Learn the skills you need to support your worldschooling journey. Participate in monthly explorations diving  a wide array of topics designed to support you on your journey!

the worldschooler's marketplace

A place for vendors and shoppers alike, the We Are Worldschoolers  Traveling Marketplace allows you to connect with worldschooling businesses and buyers. 


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