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No, you don’t have to be all of these, come as you are, worldschool your way.




We are community.

Who We Are

We Are Worldschoolers Community Club supports, connects, educates, and inspires families who are interested in world travel, alternative education, family wellness, empowering lifestyles, and living an extraordinary life! 

If your current lifestyle is no longer in alignment with your values, if you believe there’s more than the 9 to 5 grind, if you find yourself thinking globally you desire to share this big beautiful planet with your children, then this is your community!

We have created We Are Worldschoolers Community Club to support you on your journey, whether it’s from your home base or out of your suitcase.  

The We Are Worldschoolers Community Club is a membership community for worldschoolers, by worldschoolers. 

Our Philosophy

From an educational perspective, worldschooling is in essence, transforming the world into your classroom by using curiosity as the foundation to learn and to explore the world and its cultures. Education or learning is an important part of the “worldschooling universe,” but by no means is it the whole picture. The educational application of Worldschooling looks different for each family, as some choose to follow a homeschool curriculum for their children’s education while others do not. Some enroll their kids in traditional schools, others do not. The different educational styles of worldschoolers are as different as we are as people. All educational philosophies are welcome and supported here.

From a travel perspective, worldschooling is about exploring the world, its cultures, its people, and its traditions. From a non-traveling (or not currently traveling) perspective, worldschooling can include bringing travelers to you, inviting cultural immersion through food, language, movies, and art. is all possible from your home base. Worldschooling does not have to include world travel, but travel can absolutely be a part of your worldschooling story.

Worldschooling is adopting a global perspective and seeing the world through fresh eyes no matter where in the world you are. (and you can do this from anywhere in the world). One of the priorities worldschoolers must adopt is expanding their worldviews, and seeing the world through multiple cultural lenses. We often encourage worldschoolers to explore and define their own personal ethics to consider issues surrounding ecology, diversity, respect for cultural traditions, and human equality. As worldschoolers, we consider how we fit into the global story of humanity. Worldschoolers build bridges of understanding and strive for connection and compassion. In our humble opinion, this is the path to peace. 


For a deeper exploration please visit the What is Worldschooling page here

What Do We Offer

We have a rich library of expert articles, videos presentations, conference talks, personal interviews, and worldschooling minded resource guides all expertly curated to support you. There are monthly Master Classes which will offer you  a chance to investigate a topic in-depth. We created a diverse library of mini-courses and expert training on topics important to you as a worldschooler. 

If you are thinking about worldschooling as a lifestyle and are not sure where to start, this is the community you’ve been looking for. If you are looking for that last push to get you going, this is it! If you are looking to recharge your family while out on the road, look no further! Wherever you are on your journey, the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club is for you. 


Learn more about our We Are Worldschoolers Community Club. 

More of what you can expect:

Virtual Events

You are invited to our numerous member’s only virtual events including our weekly women’s circles and small business accountability calls, as well as monthly expert Q&As centered on topics of interest to the worldschooling community. You will also receive special Community Club pricing for our in-person Project World School Family Summits around the world (once travel is possible again).

Worldschooler Store front

We have a free online worldschooler storefront where you can offer your amazing products and services to other interested worldschoolers no matter where you (or they) are! Whether you already do business online or have an idea to bring in some extra income, your membership to the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club allows you to start selling today through your free store bringing your worldschooling business to market! (Think Etsy for worldschoolers).

Travel-Compatible Educational Approaches

Discover the myriad of learning styles and educational approaches employed by members of our community and how you can use them to support your children in having a world-class education.

The Basics of Worldschooling & How to Get Started

Everything you need to know to start your journey off on the right foot. Even if you’re already traveling, you can gain valuable tips, tricks, and hacks surrounding money management, house-sitting, building community, and more.

Transforming the World into your Classroom

Think about this: Our world is the greatest classroom conceivable. We are offering you all the tips you need to help you contextualize these incredible experiences into learning opportunities for you and your family.

A World of Worldschooling Inspiration

Draw wonder and inspiration from the fantastic personal stories of those that have taken the leap and overcome adversity, challenges, obstacles, and pitfalls against all odds. Everybody’s got a story to tell. Let’s help you tell it.

Location Independence & Financial Sustainability

“But how do you make a living?” This is, by far, one of the most common questions that worldschoolers receive. In the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club you’ll be hearing different people answer this question, and talk about how they found success in a variety of interesting ways.

Maintaining Family & Health on the Road

Strengthen your family relationships, your connection with your kids and partners, and your connection to yourself. You will find how other worldschoolers care for themselves and find new ways you can take of your own mind, body, heart, and soul. How can we begin to be conscious and present in the world, if we are not that with ourselves and our loved ones?

The We Are Worldschoolers Community

You will receive valuable information and experiences that have taken our community members years to cultivate on their own. Consider this a starter’s guide on all things worldschooling.

If you are thinking about worldschooling as a lifestyle and are not sure where to start, this is the community you’ve been looking for. If you are looking for that last push to get you going, this is it! If you are looking to recharge your family while out on the road, look no further! Wherever you are on your journey, the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club is for you. 

Who are the people behind We are Worldschoolers?

This project is a collaboration between all of us. It is wordschoolers in all stages of their worldschooling journeys. This includes worldschoolers with a variety of interests, talents, expertise, and worldschooling styles. We have created this service for all of us to thrive in community and be supported. The We Are Worldschoolers Community Club is for worldschoolers by worldschoolers. 

Lainie Liberti began organizing a community around worldschooling in 2012 (just three years into her family’s own worldschooling journey) is. She took over a 200 person Facebook group called  Worldschooelrs and began building community as a way to support her own journey and to create a network of families so that no one ever felt isolated on the road. Over the next 6 years, she built the Worldschoolers Facebook group into a real-life movement including 50k members and their families. Lainie brought in dozens of community members to help manage the group while she facilitated in-person worldschooling retreats for teens through her company Project World School.

 Late in 2018, Lainie and her worldschooling son  Miró launched the We Are Worldschoolers community as a way to be even more inclusive and continue her grassroots support of families who desired deeper connections and authentic community, both online and out in the world. 

The We Are Worldschoolers Community Club site is a partnership between all worldschoolers, providing a safe platform to swap stories, learn new skills, share tools and give and receive feedback and support. No one should have to go this alone, and being in community is the optimal way to begin and continue your worldschooling journey.

Meet Lainie & Miró

In the wake of the economic fallout from the previous year, in 2009 we decided to leave the US for a one-year backpacking trip that would take us from Mexico to the tip of the South American continent, Argentina. Even though in that first year we only got as far as Guatemala, we learned so much about the world, about each other, and, ultimately, about ourselves, we decided that this lifestyle would become an indefinite one: we said yes to the world. 

Following this decision, we realized that we quickly needed to figure some things out. What were we going to do about education and how were we going to support ourselves? These first two questions that we asked ourselves are the ones that people have continued to ask us over all these years. 

Seeking to answer them we researched like crazy, and what was even crazier was that we stumbled upon something called Unschooling, only to find out that we were already doing it. We were out in the world, living as though school didn’t exist, and we refused to break our lives down into subjects.


Soon, we began to blog about our experiences traveling with the intention of keeping friends and family back home updated on our wellbeing. We never had any intention of growing a large reader base and were shocked when our blog began to attract so much attention. Through this unexpected platform, we found a way to support and sustain our lives on the road.


Within just a few months, we had (somewhat accidentally) answered those two questions that had surfaced when we refused to go back home.

Years later, we began to create community out of somewhat selfish reasons; we wanted to be part of one. Because of the difficulties presented by the distant and transient nature of our lifestyle (and our unique worldviews that had been forever changed by travel), we struggled to find our community. In fact, that community didn’t exist in any one place. It was everywhere.

In 2012 we began to facilitate a Facebook group called Worldschoolers  and later that year we founded Project World School with the aim of sharing the world with curious teenagers and young adults while also enabling social connection. In 2016 we ran our very first Project World School Family Summit, with the aim of supporting worldschooling families, and have run 6 of these gatherings since we first started 4 years ago.


 We fell into worldschooling accidentally and very unintentionally. Now, we live it with intention.


We never set out with this grand idea in mind, nor did we have any idea it would become a beautiful, powerful movement made possible by everyone involved. It’s been 12 years since we left on our trip and 8 years since we started growing this extended family, and we are forever devoted to our community.


By the way, we still haven’t made it to Argentina – yet. 



For more answers to your questions, please visit the FAQ page here