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We Are Worldschooler’s Guest Bloggers are members of our worldschooling community who have stories and experiences to share. First hand accounts can really put us in the shoes of others and especially if you are new to worldschooling, will give insight into what everyday life might actually be like. 
Our blog is just a taste of what you’ll find in our We Are Worldschoolers Family Club where you’ll have full access to an extensive video and article archive, a monthly masterclass and exclusive Facebook group where you can connect deeply to other traveling families – and us!



I entered the house to joyful shrieks of kids playing.  I’d left them home to go to the supermarket and, after a few days without Dylan, I felt no guilt

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living in story

STORIES.  The word conjures up so many different images and feelings.  I used to think of the well known and such loved stories of my childhood; dog eared pages and

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community is life

As human’s, we not only crave community, we need it, like air and water. When we don’t have it, we can feel lost, less than whole, fractured.  Reflecting on a

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fear and how to use it

The Oxford Dictionary describes fear as being:  the bad feeling you have when you are in danger or something frightens you.  It’s a useful emotion and can: stop us from

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