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CONNECTION & Community – (Week 6)

2020!!!! What a freaking year.

Not only could any of us anticipated what things would look like in 2020, I for one could not have imagined that I’d become deeply immersed in community and a spirit of co-creation in a year where we we’ve been asked to stay home and stay away from others! This goes against our human instinct in so many ways! And yet, I’ve made so many friends this year and feel so held by a wonderful group of people.

This edition of our weekly digest is all about COMMUNITY! What it means, how to find out and especially how to tap into it while on the road or outside of traditional, long standing physical communities.

My family and I have just moved to a new place. We left our community in Adelaide, in southern Australia in May 2019, for adventure, pastures new, deeper family connection and as a natural extension of our unschooling life.

We knew we had a great community but of course, just how great wasn’t evident until we left it. Predictable really and brings to mind a classic folk song from a certain Canadian songstress!

Many families we’ve met, in real life and virtually, have set off in search of community because they felt that lack in their lives.

What does community mean for you?

For me, the word conjures up images of doors wide open, children running in and out, a rotating teapot and shared cooking over a story or two. Maybe for you in means something different. But really all we want, what human’s need actually, is connection. In a community, that takes many and varied forms but the common link is that a shared purpose inspires us to reach out for others; to give something of ourselves and to lean on others when we need to.

I love nothing better than to chat with other’s; to hear their stories and to share mine; to notice the commonalities and to enjoy the differences, often over a laugh.

I’m looking forward to returning to my community some day and to adding value in ways that happen when you know a place and the people. For now though, I am happy to take community where I find it. I love to find new ways to serve others and I find so much comfort in knowing I can be supported when I need some extra care.

We want to share with you, some of our great COMMUNITY related content and hope that you enjoy finding out how other worldschooler’s connect with

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In this article I discuss some practical ways you can tap into community while you’re actively travelling.

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Lainie talks to a member of an intentional community in India who, through the challenges of conflict management and finding their place, chooses everyday, the kind of connection this life gives; to her family, to others and to the Earth.

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If you haven’t heard of the Worldschooling Hub in La Herradura, Spain, then you REALLY need to watch this video! Elin Morgan was inspired to create her own community to support her and her teen son’s worldschooling journey and her idea to build a community of like minded travellers really took off. Like REALLY!

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Amoya Knudson has not only built a community of like minded people, she’s makind a career out of supporting single mum’s on a life of freedom, adventure and learning and is a wonderful example of the self-sustaining nature of true community.

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I hope you find some community this week – a chat to a neighour over the fence or reaching out to a friend in need. It’s all about CONNECTION!

Happy Worldschooling

Sarah + the WAW Team