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Embracing the Imperfect – (Week 2)

We ran a really beautiful coaching session last Friday about living in our values and actually putting some meat around the idea of values and how to define them within our family. We felt, after that session, that we couldn’t leave it there and so we’ve decided to continue that theme for another week!

​Actually any life worth living places our principles at the forefront and crafting a life of adventure, travel, learning, and connection requires us to reflect on those things that are so important to us that they are worth sacrifice, compromise, the dismantling of judgment and ego…I could go on! But I’ll leave you with these links to some We Are Worldschooling content that illustrates perfectly, what it means to live a life with full connection to our values.

​As you delve into these stories, please look for and embrace the unique and imperfect. It’s so easy, and nowhere is this more true, than in the parenting arena, to compare ourselves to others and to imagine our life ‘if only’. If only our kids weren’t that noisy; if only we shared more interests; if only my 5-year-old ate more vegetables!

​Values are more than the sum of how you manage family life. Values aren’t the mechanisms by which you get through your day. They are the voice in your head, or your heart, that sings when you run through a field with your children; they are the guide that moves you to help someone in need even when you don’t know what you’ve possibly got to give; they are the energy burst and the excitement you feel when you take a step in the direction of your life’s purpose; they are the peace you feel when everything just seems to line up.

​This blog post is available for everyone to access and I hope it gives you pause for thought. My words give some insight into my own journey from a more rules-based life to one of living in my heart and following the wisdom of instinct.

The post can be found here.

​The relationship that Lainie and Miro share inspires me constantly. It’s been so important to me as a mother, to have parents who have walked before me and who are willing to share their wisdom. When I watched this conversation, I was again reminded that living a values-based life isn’t about results – it’s about the relationship. It’s about connection. The love and admiration that Lainie holds for Miro is palpable and here, as she speaks with him as a grownup, as a man, the respect that she holds for this human that she grew, but who is not hers, reminds me exactly why I choose to relate with my children as partners in life.

The interview can be found here.

This interview with Daniel Foor is a beautiful illustration of how one’s values are so defined by the way we see the world that choosing a life where we ARE the journey of our life’s path is unavoidable – it simply must be! This is the kind of life so many of us crave, where our hearts and our head are so in tune, and through our actions, we live in such synchronicity.

The interview can be found here.

​This reflection by Lainie is really all about how her ethos for living, or her values, came together in the adventure she and Miro have shared for the past 10 years. The beauty of a values-based life is there is no room for compartmentalization but all the room in the world for embracing what is. This is a very personal story but one so many of us can relate to as we explore how to live differently – how to abandon ego and; how we can define ourselves, not by achievement but by contribution; how we can live a life of joy and connection.

The post can be found here.

These pieces of content shared with you here, really encourage us to take the idea of living in values and partnership with our families, to the next level. It’s one thing to name our values but truly trusting them to take us where we know we can go is really about letting trust lead the way. And that can be hard work. We want our community to support you as you undertake this important work – we just can’t do it alone!

​If you feel inspired to dig right into your journey, we’d love to see you in our We Are Worldschoolers Community Club where we’ll be engaging with the topics introduced in our weekly digest.

Happy Worldschooling
Sarah + the WAW Team