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This site  is designed to support the worldschooling community from veteran worldschoolers to those just curious or starting out. 

We are a community whose origins span the globe, representing different nationalities, belief systems, cultures, and worldviews. We are a community of learners and adventurers, families of all sizes, people of all ages. The We Are Worldschoolers Community welcomes all who are interested in learning from the world around them, combining experiential learning and cultural exchange.  

Community support can make or break your worldschooling journey. Without it, many worldschoolers give up on their dreams. It’s difficult if our immediate families or close friends don’t understand our passion to explore the world or approach education from an alternative path. Oftentimes we are criticized for our choices by people who don’t understand our desire to live differently and worldschool. This community provides support, encouragement, inspiration, and resources so that you never feel alone on your journey.

As a thriving community, our objective is to facilitate global connections that provide resources to support families and travelers everywhere. Through our differences, we recognize the opportunities to learn from one another, expand our worldviews, travel safely, learn more profoundly, and create lasting friendships. The culture of our community is not only expressed online but also through real-life meet-ups around the globe, resulting in deep connections and opportunities for collaborative learning!

We Are Worldschoolers members follow their own paths.  Some of us are nomadic traveling around the globe, some o f us worldschool from our hometowns.  Most members have families, but some are single adult life learners. All methods of worldschooling are welcome! There are as many ways to worldschool as there are worldschoolers, and we view all forms as legitimate.

The We Are Worldschoolers Community Club is a paid membership site allowing members access to all the content, resources, tools, interviews, courses & masterclasses, live Q&As, virtual events, and discounts we have available. Members will have access to their own storefront to a private, supportive Facebook community which is much smaller than our public Facebook group. Members have a more personal experience filled with connection, get real-time feedback from an engaged and supportive community, and be challenged to grow as a person and as a worldschooler. 

The We Are Worldschoolers Facebook group is our growing public group. It is free to join, participate in, and be a part of that community. By becoming a member of the We are Worldschoolers Community Club you gain access to all of the features  available both on the private Facebook page and on the private website. You are welcome to be a part of both the public We Are Worldschoolers Facebook group and the We are Worldschoolers Community Club. 

There is a lot of content out there on the web for free, but  that content is not created for worldschoolers by worldschoolers, and is not always well researched and vetted. Our content is designed with the  intention to create value for you. We have gathered and curated a rich body of resources for you in the form of articles and exclusive interviews focusing on what’s important to us, as worldschoolers. We have a Community Manager and eight paid expert writers who are themselves worldschooling parents. We are not creating content in order to advertise to you or to earn money from ads placed on our site by marketers who see worldschoolers as a potential income stream.

The monthly investment you make helps keep the site up and running. It makes sure that we can bring you the information you want and need to make your worldschooling journey the best it can be. This is an invitation to you to join us in committing to your family’s worldschooling journey by paying only $42USD per month. This commitment is to yourself and that commitment translates into full engagement. If you want to be a worldschooling family, why not learn from the veterans, be mentored, and have access to all the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club features? 

To be honest, we cannot provide this service without your help. We believe in worldschooling. We believe in providing a space that offers curated content relevant to our experiences as worldschoolers, and we trust that commitment and content matters to you and your family as well.
It covers access to our full library of articles, resources, guides, how-tos, and exclusive expert interviews. It allows you to have full access to a huge video library of past Project World School Family Summit  conference talks (32 currently on the site, with over 50 more ready to be added).

It gives you access to our Masterclasses which are deep dive courses into the topics that matter to us as worldschoolers. You will have access to our mini-courses in which worldschoolers teach and share the things they have learned with each other.

As long as you’re a member, you’ll have the ability to create your own mini-store in the worldschooler’s marketplace.

We feel it’s important to support you as you support yourself in order to create a location independent income. There is so much more you get for only $42.97 USD a month like discount tickets to the Project World School Family Summit, discounts on coaching services, and early access to events. 

You get access to our intimate dedicated Facebook community where you can guarantee your questions will be answered and you’ll find a supportive worldschooling community to help you on your journey. 

We create ongoing monthly content. You can expect 10 new articles a month, new interviews, and at least one masterclass each and every month. All of the content will be archived and available for you to access as you wish. Within the private We Are Worldschoolers Community Club facebook group you will have access to our experts for real-time Q&As. We will have worldschooling challenges designed to support you in different areas like education, travel, work, health, and wellness. All our Facebook lives, Q&As and interviews will be recorded and added to our ever growing library of resources. 


Content is just one aspect of our We Are Worldschoolers Community Club.  At our core, we are  about building community, developing a real network of families who value the things we value, and learning from each other both online and in the real world.  

Of course, we’d love for you to stay a member of the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club forever, but life happens, plans change and we  understand that, so while we’ll be really sad to see you go, if you’re sure you’d like to cancel you can do so with just a few mouse clicks at any time of the month if you’re a monthly member. Annual members can also cancel anytime and their membership will end at the end of the year. If you decide to cancel your We Are Worldschoolers Community Club, you are still welcome and encouraged to participate in the public We Are Worldschoolers facebook group.