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Worldschooling is not bound by movement

It's a mindset

Let’s face it, it’s easy to feel a little lost right now.  Or a LOT lost! 

Even those of us who, just a few short months ago, walked purposefully, lived fearlessly, had a plan (PLAN – WHAT PLAN?!) might just be feeling displaced; without an anchor.  And trying to walk alongside children right now, just adds another layer to the complexity of living in 2020!

We got you.  We want to share with you, the things that anchor us; the thread that aligns us to our purpose; the Worldschooling Mindset; the fearless strut!!  Yes there is a strut. 

It’s typical of our modern lives to feel disconnected; from others, from our humanness, from our self, from our ancestors and from the cultural practices that bound us to all. Worldschooling, above all, is about CONNECTION and even when we can’t travel as we like, or as we thought we would, we can still see the world through open hearts and generous eyes and with genuineness. 

As part of our Worldschoolers Passport, we offer weekly group coaching sessions that will help you find your inner voice as well as inner peace. We’re not guru’s and we’re certainly not experts in your life – but you are and we want to help you find that within.

We don’t rush; we don’t follow a formula; we don’t promise a particular outcome but we sure as hell do create some magic in our group workshops!


We don’t rush; we don’t follow a formula; we don’t promise a particular outcome but we sure as hell do create some magic in our group workshops!


Each week, we explore a theme such as:

  • And more!


These are our building blocks of Worldschooling and of living a life of purpose and joy and we just love sharing them. 

Join us, any (or every) Friday as we reach deep into our humanity, sit with discomfort and hold space for pretty big challenges. We always share the link in our Worldschoolers Passport Facebook group.


How Does it Work?

Group Coaching

Memmbers of our exclusive Worldschoolers Passport will gain weekly access to our group coaching calls, each Friday.

11am EDT/ 4pm GMT

 We cover all Northen hemisphere timezones! We’d love to hear from you if you are in the south!!

We run our sessions based on need and the flow that we’ve established with our participants.  Each week we work on a theme and ask our members to bring something to workshop. As a group we hold space for eachother and all members have the opportunity to work through something that’s challenging for them, within the nominated Worldschooling Mindset theme. 

Once you’ve joined our community by clicking on the link on this page, you’ll be directed to also join our Worldschooles Passport Facebook group where we post the zoom links for all of our live calls. 

Women’s Circles

Twice weekly, we offer a Women’s Circle where we invoke the safety and magic of the ancient practice of women sitting together in conversation. 

Monday   4pm EDT/ 9pm GMT

Thursday  3pm EDT/8pm GMT