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We believe that worldschooling is not bound by movement.

Worldschooling is a mindset.

Be supported on your journey into worldschooling and equip yourself with the tools you need to educate your children, travel the world or travel from the comfort of your living room,  be healthy and well and thrive with the utmost of confidence! Become location independent (if you so desire),  address fears and develop an adventure mindset. 

Benefit from all of our valuable tools, resources and expert interviews that prepare you in all aspects of worldschooling as you settle into your own individual style. 

Participate in our facebook community, participate in the challenges, learn and be supported. Learn new skills through our mini courses and deeply connect with those on a similar journey. Create relationships and join other families on the same path and be supported every step of the way! 

Here’s the thing, we don’t believe you’ve ended up here by accident.

We believe you’re here because you’re being nudged to follow your bliss, to create a life for you and your family and surround yourself with a community of like minded people. You know there’s more than the nine to five grind and with all the changes we’ve experienced in 2020 / 2021 you’ve come to realize that the time is NOW to design the life you love, discover the world and make an impact in the lives of your children.

For a very limited time, you can have the Worldschoolers Passport for only $3.99 USD a month. If you sign up during our introductory period, your monthly membership fee will NEVER go up.

During our launch phase, our doors will be open for a limited time only.  As one of our founding members, you will help us to shape the direction of the Worldschoolers Passport’s content for the coming year. For Worldschoolers. By Worldschoolers. 

Don’t wait, as we won’t keep our doors for registration again open long.

What Our Members Say!

“I first met Lainie Liberti in early 2019. I’d decided I was done with traditional life (wake, work, pay bills, eat, sleep, repeat). Lainie was instrumental in helping us (I’m a single mom to an 11 year old) to get out and hit the WorldSchooling circuit. She has so much experience travelling the world as a single mom and raising Miro. She’s been on the road for 11 years. Her ability to connect with me and my circumstances as I navigated the exit from traditional life was uncanny. So much compassion for the ups and downs of such a huge life change.


Later, once we were on the road, I again ran into some hiccups (as is to be expected when you spend 24/7 with a little person). I again reached out to Lainie for advice and guidance. She immediately knew exactly why my son was acting out and why the frustrations had set in. Her advice that week was compassionate and her ability to immediately pin-point what was going on was surreal. Within a few days of implementing the advice I received from Lainie, my son and I were back to being partners on the road of life.


I am truly grateful to have been referred to Lainie before we left on our adventure and now, having met her in person at her fall Summit in Granada Spain in Oct. 2019, I am proud to call her a friend and confidant.”


Marnie m.

“Each and every Monday I join Zoom chat with Lainie and several other wonderful women. Lainie, seemingly effortlessly, tosses out prompts and creates a space where we can answer these deeply personal and life-changing questions without fear of judgment. She patiently listens to all of us as we through the question or thought of the week and, if we want some direction or guidance or support, she chimes in without trying to solve anyone’s problems or concerns. She is amazing at finding the right questions at the right moment. Sometimes, the prompts seem as if she has tapped into our collective unconscious to find exactly what we’ve been thinking about or struggling to understand or voice each week. Her ability to listen, to wait while we figure it out, and to accept what we say without creating expectations or opinions is something I cherish and it’s what keeps me returning each week.”


Jean Elizabeth G.

“I met Lainie Liberti virtually in 2016 when I discovered worldschooling while pregnant and searching for a better life as we embarked on a new adventure in life. I wanted something different. Watching her interact with others through text and on live videos, I came to truly admire the way Lainie approaches communication. Even when people are contrary, she is always amiable. I’ve also been participating in a weekly circle of discussion where we discuss potentially deeply emotional topics. She helps to create a warm and safe environment for the women to share their deepest feelings without fear of judgment. I really appreciate Lainie and all that she does for the global community of worldschoolers.”


Kara Sue M.

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