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spotlight on: the freemoving family

Briefly describe your family (who you are, ages, where you are from, backgrounds, profession(s), etc.)

We are a family of four; mom and three kids aged 9, 12 & 15. As a family we do a lot of parkour together and also organise creative movement workshops to inspire other families to get out there and play. This is a big part of our travels, as we try to always seek out new and fun places to train along the way.
I, Luna, work part time online doing secretary type tasks, as well as give conference talks
about the traveling lifestyle and how to make it possible. We are definitely on the low end of
the budget scale, but we make it work by being creative and willing to make compromises,
such as traveling carry-on only (no luggage costs) or walking a lot to save on transportation.

Describe your worldschooling travel style. (how long you’ve been doing it, how it works and briefly where you’ve been)

We’ve been traveling since 2016, full time for the past 18 months and have been to places
such as Norway, Germany, France and Thailand. The upcoming year will be one of our
busiest so far, with no less than five entirely new destinations on the planning board already!
We prefer to slow travel most of the time, spending a few weeks or months in each place, in
order to get a real feel for the culture and make connections in the local community. From
time to time we do a bit of fast travel too, moving through several cities or countries in just a
few weeks or spending only a couple of days in one place.

Describe your worldschooling – education style. 

We are unschoolers, so learning from the world around us and from our everyday life,
without setting aside specific times or resources for “learning” – language, history,
religion…it’s all out there in the world and we discover it as we go. This has been our
learning style since the kids were small, and has always seemed the natural choice for us,
as we believe humans learn best when motivated and driven by need or interest, rather than just external decisions about what “should” be learned or what is valuable knowledge.

 What are the greatest gifts (benefits) you’ve experienced as a worldschooling family?

One of the greatest gifts that the worldschooling life brings us, is being able to spend a lot of
unhurried time together. When you’ve got nowhere specific to be at any certain time, you
can go where your heart takes you and create the daily life that truly corresponds to your
needs, rather than just do the standard 9-5 because “that’s just what you do”. At the same
time, being together this much, and especially as budget travelers meaning you’re often in
small spaces, is also one of the biggest challenges in our nomadic life. You really need to
learn to give the other space to be, accept and embrace their quirks and work as a team,
which is far from always an easy task!

Share a big powerful worldschooling “aha” moment ( an inspiring  story from the road)

When traveling full time like we do, there’s a lot of small realizations along the way and a few big AHA-moments where you just know in your heart that you’ve made the right choice,
despite whatever challenges and roadblocks you might meet along the way. I remember
sitting on the front porch of our tiny hut in southern Thailand one night, looking at the sunset
through the coconut palms and feeling extremely grateful that life CAN actually be what we
want it to be, so long as we set our minds to it and work consciously to create it. I don’t think
I’ve ever doubted that, but on that night it was just intensely clear to me and it’s probably the
single most important thing that I’d like my kids to internalize from this lifestyle: anything is
possible, really. Happiness is in your reach, because it’s in your attitude first and foremost.
So live your best life and don’t settle for anything less!

What would you say to other (hesitant) worldschooling families that may be considering this journey?

I sometimes meet other families, especially other single mums, who are drawn to the nomadic life, but doubtful that they can make it work or afraid to take the jump. I can’t say that I’ve been there, really, because I’ve always been the type of person to just throw myself into things and think later, haha – BUT – I do understand the many, many considerations that needs to be taken into account somehow and that we’re all moving ahead at our own speed.

I always tell people, that faith (in ourselves, in God, in others, the Universe…) usually goes a
very long way and that for all the rest, there’s the worldschooling community! Knowing that
there’s a bunch of other nomadic souls out there, leading the same lifestyle, sharing the
same challenges and most importantly having each other’s backs in so many different ways
is a huge support to anyone looking into starting a traveling life. So play it the Nike way and
just do it – it’s all going to be fine!


Luna, Silas, Lily and Max – aka The Freemoving Family – are four worldschoolers from
Denmark/France. They think that life is too short to spend it running circles in the hamster
wheel, so instead they have sold up and gone on a nomadic parkour adventure around the
globe. Together they explore the big wide world, from the mundane to the epic and back again!

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