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Value Based Worldschooling – (Week 1)

We really want to share with you some of the amazing content in our We Are Worldschoolers Community Club. There’s a lot there and the feedback that we’ve received from our members is that there’s so much in fact, that it can be overwhelming and hard to navigate, particularly when managing that tricky dance of family, work, and life! ​

​We want to try something that we think can make your experience in the Community Club even better and ensure that you get great value. Each week we’ll share with you hand picked articles, interviews, and mini-courses, that we hope will drive some interesting and in depth conversations in the member’s Facebook group – kinda like a week-long coaching call! ​

​We’ve also included here, a link for a complimentary 10-day membership so you can see for yourself how this can add value to your worldschooling journey and get in early to help us take this already wonderful community to the next level!

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This week’s theme is LIVING A VALUES BASED LIFE

In the last few years, particularly since moving more deeply into a more connected life, I’ve really noticed that almost everything in my life ‘lines up’. I feel looked after and that the universe, somehow, will take care of me, that it does take care of me.

I couldn’t have necessarily described to you the steps I’ve taken to make this so. And actually, on reflection, much of what I see now is born out of a frustration that things weren’t lining up – weren’t feeling right.

This is a big theme for Worldschoolers and those seeking to embark on this life because, once you step out of the ordinary and leap into the adventure of the unknown, there really is less of an ability to compartmentalize, and almost no control. In fact, many of us lose the desire to control and instead bask in the joy of the unknown. The uncontrollable. Chaos! Ah, the very word CHAOS, sparks excitement, don’t you think?!

But HOW does one get from one paradigm to another? It’s all very well to talk about leaning into the plan that the universe has for you; stepping into your truth; living an authentic life. But what does it actually mean? And how does one arrive? There’s lots of confusing sounding jargon but does drinking a green smoothie through a stainless steel straw while meditating in downward dog (wearing, obviously, ethically crafted yoga pants) really cut it?

While each family will take their own journey – and it really is unique – we can offer you tools to work through the big questions around family culture, living in your values and having your hearts voice at the center of all you do.

We’d love you to join us in the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club for conversations about how to craft the life you want, how to live with your family values at the center of everything, and how to be in alignment with all that you do.

The following content will help you to work towards living a values-based life by:

  • Identifying and naming your family norms and values
  • How to find that unique thread that can be at the heart of everything we do
  • How letting go of judgment might open us up to our heart’s voice
  • How to apply the principles of child-led learning to your family life

Join Bridget Sicsko as she shares how to live your life with one thread at the center of everything and how living a joyful life is really about listening to your instincts.

You can find her mini-course here.

Meet the Sundance Family and be inspired by their refusal to accept anything other than the life they were born to live, with family at the epicentre. Ka and Katie Sundance do more than walk the talk – they share the HOW with their community, live deeply in their values, and live in true partnership with each other and their children.

You can find more on them here.

At the heart of everything Lainie and Miro do, is their family culture. This is not just lip service, this is truth. In this conversation, Lainie and Miro share how they designed the values that they live by and how the tenets of worldschooling drive most everything they do.

You can find more here.

Erika Davis-Pitre, a long time supporter of our We Are Worldschoolers and Project World School community and unschooling veteran, talks about how to shape your family’s learning culture through the guiding light that is your family values. She shares how her family has embedded the principles of self directed education and unschooling as a whole of life philosophy.

You can find an interview with her here.

Jean Elizabeth Glass invites us to leave judgment behind and open ourselves up to centering ourselves in the world instead of making ourselves the center of it! It’s so important as Worldschoolers, to understand that we naturally view the world through the lens of our own experience and identity and that this can inform how we view and make decisions about situations, other cultures, and people.

You can read more here.

Stepping outside of the ‘norm’ requires more than a plane ticket and a well-rolled backpack. To make lifelong learning and adventure a reality for your family, you’ve gotta have soul and you’ve gotta have intention. We’re not talking about precise planning of your route or synchronizing your apple watch to Big Ben, we’re talking about how you get through the tough times, how you face conflict, what you do when things don’t go to plan. What drives your family and where you find your joy.

We’ll continue to engage in dialogue over in the We Are Worldschoolers Community Club. We’d love to share your journey as you develop your family culture and as you weave the unique thread that guides your journey.

Happy worldschooling

Sarah + the WAW Team