We Are Worldschoolers

“WE ARE COMMUNITY, get up everybody & sing!” – (Week 7)

Greetings Worldschoolers Passport Community!

Happy Monday Everyone!

My family is immersed in making connections in an existing community; a small village of several hundred people, in The Midlands in England.

We’re taking opportunities as they present and have spent the day making a scarecrow for the villages inaugural Scarecrow Competition.
It’s a nice way to get to know others and to share something of our story. It’s really inviting others in which is such a large part of living in any kind of community.

Have you ever experienced true community? That feeling of holding others and being held? Being free to offer yourself, exactly as you are, and to accept others as they are? Ugly crying and all?!​

​Sometimes we can have an idea in our head of what community should look like and so don’t recognise it when we see it. ​

What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

​I used to dream about living fully in community with others and although I still would love to do this one day, I realised that having a set story about what community might mean, actually had me living from a place of scarcity and made it harder for me to appreciate the wonderful community I was already a part of.​

How does this idea of SCARCITY relate to COMMUNITY?

​If we assume that we’ll never get what we need, we can find ourselves wildly reaching for anything that we think will serve us and operating from a place of never having enough. This is such a common theme in a society that is underpinned by the narrative of scarcity. If I share with others, there won’t be enough for me. And also, others will never share with me because they will mean they won’t have enough!​

​I’d love to flip that and find a new truth and it’s a huge part of our Worldschooling Passport ethos, to help eachother step into this transformation of sharing because there is enough.​

​That to me is the essence of any community. We have enough. We are enough. And with others, we are even more.​

​Please enjoy these pieces from the We Are Worldschoolers website and reflect this week on what community means to you, if you’ve found it and if you haven’t, what might be holding you back.​

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Holding COMMUNITY in your heart as a value, naturally means stepping lightly, contributing positively and creating socially responsible connections. Check out Lainie’s interview with worldschooling mum, Carrien Blue as she delves into the philosophy of ‘being of use’ and how this has shaped her family’s life.​

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