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Worldschooling From Home – (Week 3)

This is our third week of offering a ‘digest’ which we hope you’re finding is an effective way to explore some of the varied content on https://weareworldschoolers.org/ .

We appreciate all feedback and would love to know what you think and how we can do better.

This week’s theme of WORLDSCHOOLING FROM HOME is super relevant right now as most of us are grounded (the kind of ‘grounded’ characterized by not getting on a plane as distinct from walking in a forest with bare feet), dealing with a level of uncertainty and probably feeling more than a little frustrated at the year seemingly passing us by with less adventure than anticipated.

We feel those frustrations too and know that as well as being prepared to sit with those feelings of grief at plans changed, overwhelm at kids seeming just a bit more intense at the moment (that’s not just me right?!) and maybe even boredom as we spend more days at home that we’ve probably ever experienced before, as parents we like some strategies and ideas up our sleeves! We’ve got you!

‘Worldschooling’ at its core, is seeing the world as our classroom. There are many ways to open our hearts to this and travel is only one of them.
Other ways we can live in worldschooling values without even leaving home are:

  • Seeing our children with generous eyes and trusting them to step into the greatness they were born with. This can be as simple as listening to their ideas and choosing kindness when they push limits.
  • Noticing opportunities for connection with others. Even a trip to the supermarket can provide the chance to see others – especially now with many of us around the world wearing masks. It might take a special effort but kind words and smiling eyes can make someone’s day.
  • Contribute time and/or money to causes you and your family feel strongly about and invite your children into those discussions. There are so many great ways to support those who have been hit hard by COVID19 and many platforms through which to do this. Buy a music download through Bandcamp or support a creator through Patreon.
  • ‘Visit’ a country virtually through books, recipes, movies, and documentaries. With most of us sinking into a slow life, there’s endless time to encourage discussion and research and even something as easy as watching a movie together can spark a conversation about cultural appropriation, voluntourism, connection to ancient culture, or the human cost of conflict.

The following content has been carefully selected to help you as you consider how to continue MAKING THE WORLD YOUR CLASSROOM!

This blog post by Stephanie Tolk speaks to the emotional rollercoaster that is 2020 and the inner work required by parents as we face the loss of control and how sometimes, letting go can be the best thing to happen to us!

The post can be found here.

Erin and Lainie explore how we can see the world around us as a platform for learning and where we can apply the tenets of worldschooling, without leaving home. Erin gives us practical ways to invite the world into everyday experiences at home.

The conversation can be found here

Samantha, as a home-educating mum, educator, writer, and worldschooler, takes us on a journey of using the principles of history and cultural exploration to explore the world, even when we’re not traveling. Samantha speaks to the idea that history gives us a context for humanity and for our place in the world.

The post can be found here.

​Catherine Ryan Gregory is a full-time writer, travel junkie, and author of the recently published Virtual Travel Activities for Kids. She explores the mental shift required to open our minds and hearts up to the world while being unable to physically explore it and provides practical family learning experiences we can dive into with our kids.

The post can be found here.

Karen Ricks is a great friend to our worldschooling community and as an experienced worldschooling mum, chef, and entrepreneur, she really lives the philosophy of worldschooling wherever you are. Food and cooking is her passion and she loves to share this, not only with her son as she uses her kitchen as a classroom (literally – her business is My Kitchen Classroom!) but with others.

The post can be found here.

I also wanted to remind you about our weekly group coaching session that we’re running on Fridays. Our intention was to link these to our digest themes but we’re having so much fun talking about values that we’ve decided to extend that topic for the third week!! The conversations we’re having with the group who’ve committed so far have been full of revelations and light bulb moments (for Lainie and myself too!!) and just reinforce that this work of crafting our lives and delving into the inner work required, never ends!

We’ll send a reminder before the call this week, but if you want to put it in your diary, it’s held each Friday at 3 pm GMT/ 10 am EST. The link will be posted in the Community Club Facebook Group.

Staring down the barrel of 2020, leaning into uncertainty, reflecting on how our learning adventure might look from hereon in – these are all opportunities to live out the values of worldschooling. Worldschooling may be less about travel in the future but will always include an opportunity for pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, seeing others through a lens of non-judgment, and opening ourselves and our families to everything the world has to offer. The world may seem smaller right now but there is still so much to explore – within and just outside of our front door!

Happy Worldschooling

Sarah + the WAW Team