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Worldschooling Wellness – (Week 5)

Thanks for being here! If you’ve never before felt compelled to take your WELLNESS into your own hands, this is surely the year!

I can’t remember a time in my own life when it seemed more important to understand the difference between physical health and wellness; when it was more confusing to know who to trust and where to get information from; when it seemed like our own bodies were a battleground! It’s so important right now to remain grounded in our own values, find our own truth amongst all the agenda and STAY WELL – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I’ve always been pretty healthy but until I became a mother, it was the well-being of the arrogant rather than a conscious choice to take good care of myself! Looking out for the interests of another living creature sure does change one’s perspective and I felt the weight of that whenever my small one ran a fever, experienced a sniffle, vomited… I wanted to stop her pain and I wanted to do the best for her that I could.

By the time I was a mother, times four, I had discovered what it felt like to hold space for an unwell child and to physically hold them through illness. I had also started to see the body in its whole form rather than a series of separate systems. I noticed things like a good diet, good quality sleep, non-toxic products, activity levels, how much control everyone had over their day and life and how we related as a family, all fed into how WELL we felt and how we rolled over the bumps in the road – or whether we didn’t!

2020 is a challenge, that’s for sure, but we have a stack of tools to help you navigate social isolation, uncertainty, staying connected as a family and the type of wholeness you experience when you align the physical and emotional.

So grab a cup of herbal tea and get comfy as you delve into what we’ve got to offer this week.

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Sandra Vincent shares with us, her experience being in lockdown outside of your home country and how making a mental shift can allow you to see the positives in almost everything – a Worldschooling Mindset at it’s finest! This blog post is freely available – we’d love you to share it with any friends you think need to hear this today!

The post can be found here.

Lainie hosts an interview with Worldschooling mum, Fatima Mookadam and they explore how to lead a connected family.
By using ‘3D Well-Being,’ Fatima describes how she is able to incorporate healthy family dynamics while on the road with her children – her strategies are relevant even if you’re not actively traveling this year. Her focus with families is fully integrating each element of our wellbeing.

The interview can be found here.

Join Miro Siegel as he explores, with Wordschooling parents and coaches, Sal and Alissa Vasquez, the ‘how to’s’ of creating and maintaining a connected family culture. Connectedness and intention are the cornerstones of building family resilience and most of us could sure use this right now!

The conversation can be found here.

Michael Weitzman is passionate about how maintaining a mindfulness practice incorporating Eastern movement, can focus the mind, build awareness, and strengthen wellbeing. As a worldschooling dad, with a strong commitment to self-directed learning, he understands the challenges of building a regular practice and provides a series of adaptable sequences that can be incorporated into even the busiest schedule!

The mini-course can be found here.

Be inspired by one family’s journey of turning bankruptcy and health problems into the catalyst that they needed to find their freedom. Have you ever questioned the American Dream? This family has. Listen to Yunche Wilson’s inspiring story of finding freedom where you least expect it!

The post can be found here.

Look, we’ve got such a lot to share with you – this WELLNESS installment of our Weekly Digest is going to have a part 2!

Happy Worldschooling

Sarah + the WAW Team